Quality medical care is provided by licensed home health care professionals at the comfort of your home.

caregiver assisting senior woman on drinking waterCalifornia Health Care Services provides home health services to tend to the medical care needs of our clients. We understand that the uniqueness of their medical conditions also requires care personalized to their needs. Our services are as follows:


We help you in managing this lifelong condition so that complications can be prevented.


Our staff can help you in any way we can to manage your hypertension.


We’ll give your aging loved one with the appropriate Alzheimer’s care.


Pain associated with osteoarthritis can be minimized through the use of various medications and other methods.

Wound care and more

Our nurses are proficient in wound care, minimizing the likelihood of wound infections.

Physical Therapy

Licensed physical therapists will assist you in restoring bodily functions.

Occupational Therapy

Helping you get back to work and optimize your mobility and independence are the goals of our licensed occupational therapists for you.

Speech Therapy

Our licensed speech therapists will work with you in treating speech and swallowing difficulties.

Private Duty Services

If you need constant medical care at home, we offer private duty services rendered by registered nurses.

Home Care Services

Allowing the client to remain in the comfort of their home, while receiving help with everyday things, bathing, dressing, shopping, grooming, housekeeping, etc.

Individuals recovering from illness or injury and need either short term or long term assistance

Our goal is to have the patients recover and regain their independence as quickly as possible.

Our services are customized to ensure that all your medical care needs are met. Give us a call at 310-644-8302 / 310-644-8303 to inquire about our services or set your appointment online.